A big thank you to all my clients who took the time to write your thoughts about working with me to share with the world. You all inspire & motivate me more than you know!


The knowledge I’ve obtained from Ella has attributed to priceless gains to my quality of life.     

Ella educated me on a vegan diet and helped me create a plan to meet my overall health goals.  I’m proud and ever so thankful to say that I have been eating a vegan diet and maintained 15-18% body fat over the past 5 years because I listened to Ella’s advice and continued to work out in the methods she supports. -Anne

I’ve been following Ella and for the first time I”m thanking her for inspiring me to become a better me! About a year ago my blood test showed some higher liver numbers. I became vegan and 6 months later they are now optimized along with all my other results. I not only feel and look good but have the numbers to back it up!          -Sagamihara City, Japan

 From the first moment I read an article on BodyBuilding.com about Ella I was drawn to write her and I found myself inspired. Wallah!  –Valerie

I heard about Ella’s website, and after visiting it, I knew that I would thrive in my new lifestyle with Ella and so far, I am loving every minute of it!  

Ella is the real deal!  She lives her message of healthy, compassionate living and is passionate about sharing that message.  – Susan

I heard about Ella’s website when she introduced herself on the Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness forums and after visiting her website I knew that I would thrive in my new lifestyle with Ella and so far, I’m loving every second of it! Thank you so much for your help and advice so far Ella, It really is changing my life for the better! I know that i’ll be able to get the body that I will really love and will help me to feel so much better about myself  – Steffi

Ella is the bomb!  I was fairly athletic in high school and college.  I played sports, lifted heavy weights and could eat whatever I wanted.  I never understood the need for a personal trainer until I started to get a little older and life began to get a little bit more complicated.  I tried a few trainers here and there – mostly over zealous muscle heads barking orders in my ear that I eventually grew tired of and dropped.  I met Ella approximately four years ago and what a difference she has made.  Ella has helped me make some significant improvements in my life and taught me a lot about nutrition, diet and a totally new way of exercising.  She is an encyclopedia of different exercises and movements that incorporate strength training, balance and whole body core conditioning at the same time.   I don’t think we have ever done the same exercise the exact same way so my body never knows what to prepare for.  It works!  
I used to go to the gym and try and see how much weight I could lift how many times.  It’s amazing how heavy a 10 lbs dumbell feels after incorporating it into a push up routine or even 5 lbs while trying to follow one of Ella’s mixed martial arts exercises.  You can feel all your muscles working not just one or two and you get more out of the time you are investing in working out.  It doesn’t take long to realize that Ella knows what she is talking about.  She also has a network of professionals to hook me up with and keep me going when I travel.   She has been to and scouted the location; met and interviewed the existing network of Professionals; and selected the best of the best in each travel market.  If you are serious about improving your fitness, diet and workout routines, Ella is definitely the one!   – Skip Alligood, Entrepreneur

Ella is a wonderful, sweet person with great energy. She is incredibly motivating, and really fun to work out with. Working with her has put me in the best shape of my life. I was very self-conscious about how out of shape I was, but she made me feel so comfortable and really listened to me about my situation what I wanted. A++++  – Danielle

Without question, Ella is the person you want to work with on improving your physical condition and overall wellness. Unlike many trainers I’ve worked with, Ella actually listens to YOUR goals and tailors the program to meet those goals. Initially, we worked hard on overall strength and core conditioning. When I started having unrelated back issues, we tailored the program to strengthen target areas around my lower back, while simultaneously introducing yoga postures and other stretching to attack the problem from multiple angles. She helped me to improve my back, and make big improvements to my overall strength and fitness. No doubt, Ella is great to work with and a true professional.  – Craig

If you are looking for fitness coaching, personal training, or wellness advice, I highly recommend Ella Magers. I worked with Ella to shape up for my wedding and she really put me on a path to being a healthier, stronger individual. She truly listened to my needs and helped me devise a program to meet my goals. Ella’s workouts are never boring or routine; she mixes it up and keeps it challenging, and her positive spirit and encouragement kept me motivated. She’s one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with and I highly recommend her for her professionalism, her proven results, and her dedication to her clients.  – Kerry