On this page I’ve put together a list of the top questions I get from people interested in going vegan the fit, fun way.

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Why go vegan?

The first crucial step on your path to veganism is to fully understand all the benefits of a vegan lifestyle. Once you know all the different reasons people go vegan, you can choose the ones that speak to you, and will help you stay motivated as you make the transition.

How do I make the transition to vegan?

A lifestyle transformation is no small task! Especially when you’ve been eating and living a certain way your entire life. But good for you for exploring, researching, and getting yourself ready for awesome changes! These tips will help make for a smooth transition.

What do I need to know about vegan nutrition?

Most of us are under-educated on nutrition in general, and we’ve been brainwashed our whole lives by the huge animal agricultural industry to believe we need animal products and bi-products to be healthy. If we don’t need meat, dairy or eggs, then what DO we need? Find out now!

Do I need to take supplements?

There are certain nutrients we want to pay special attention to on a vegan diet plan. Learn the top 7 nutrients to watch out for, and what supplements may help keep you healthy for years and years to come.

How will I get enough protein on a vegan diet?

The simple answer… plants! Plants have protein! Learn everything you need to know about getting the right amount of protein on a vegan diet and what foods will help you meet your protein requirements here.

Should I do a juice cleanse?

Considering a juice cleanse? There are plenty of factors to take into consideration before diving blindly into a cleanse. These tips will help guide you.

What do I need to know to make a vegan diet plan work for me?

We’re all unique individuals with different bodies, goals, needs, schedules, likes, and dislikes. So creating a vegan diet plan that is sustainable (key word) for you goes way beyond following a cookie cutter vegan meal plan you find on the internet. Learn how to make a vegan lifestyle work for you.