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Meet Ella

Ella Magers Head Shot

Ella Magers

Founder, Sexy Fit Vegan®

Ella Magers, founder of Sexy Fit Vegan®, is a plant-powered lifestyle coach, motivated by her deep-rooted drive to save animals while helping people become fit and healthy from the inside out. Ella has been vegan for 21 years. She has been named among Shape Magazine’s 50 Hottest Trainers in America. She took first place in the bikini division at the FAME Fitness World Championships and was named personal trainer of the month on She’s been featured as a vegan fitness expert in the mainstream media and has conducted workshops across the globe. In 2015 Ella’s book, The Six Weeks to Sexy Abs Meal Plan, a 6-week vegan meal plan with over 100 easy recipes, was published. She then started the 6-Week Plant-Empowered Coaching Program to help people make the transition to an active, plant-based lifestyle. Most recently, Ella was thrilled to launch her 8-Week Empower Consulting Program [], to help wellness professionals succeed by guiding them through the process of creating highly profitable online coaching programs of their own.

Meet Ron

Ron vegan chef Callicoon Kitchen

Ron Badach

Contributor, Vegan Chef Consultant

Living a healthy lifestyle and offering people creative plant based cooking ideas is a passion for Ron.  In 2013 Ron appeared on ABC's The CHEW winning its "Hunky Husband Cook-off” with his signature Black Bean Burger.  People from across the country began to contact Ron about how to transition away from a meat-centric diet. In response Ron launched his Callicoon Kitchen brand and began posting creative, easy to follow how-to cooking videos and recipes giving people hands-on techniques for making vegan dishes that they can incorporate into their own lives. A vegetarian for 20 years Ron is now 100% vegan and he is committed to sharing his belief in the benefits of organic produce and an active, healthy lifestyle. Ron combines strength training and running to stay fit. A huge animal lover, Ron loves to hang out with his rescued Black Lab, Otis. Future plans include a vegan product line and Callicoon Kitchen cookbook highlighting all his vegan in-house favorites. Ron lives in New York and Virginia with his wife and three daughters. Click on Ron's photo above to check out his webiste, and subscribe.

Meet Danielle


Danielle Warren


Danielle is committed to showing people that vegan food can be prepared easily, can fit into many types of lifestyles and is delicious! That is exactly why Danielle created the insta account, veganyummytummy in October 2015. Danielle first learned about where our food comes from, the importance of choosing organic, and of course, about why eating a vegan diet is most responsible for our bodies, the people around us and our environment in an undergrad anthropology course. Since then, Danielle has been creating vegan recipes, experimenting with new foods and re-creating traditional favorites to vegan! Danielle has earned her Masters Degree in Social Work, but is currently lucky enough to be home with her two kids. Danielle enjoys spending time with her family, practicing yoga, bike riding, hiking, juicing and cooking!

Meet Sheila

Sheila Shlegel Vegan Nutrition Student

Sheila Schlegel


Sheila is a vegan and fitness enthusiast living in Miami, FL. She graduated from Florida State University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s in business management and psychology. Now she is currently earning her Master’s in Dietetics and Nutrition at Florida International University. Sheila is very passionate and confident in the amazing and powerful effects of a plant-based diet and an active lifestyle. The right food choices from a whole foods diet & regular exercise can dramatically change your life. Some of the things she enjoys most are running, weight lifting, cooking & experimenting with plant-based recipes, gardening on her balcony, and studying. Sheila also received a certificate in plant-based nutrition from T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in 2013. Click on her picture above to check out her own blog!

Meet Scott

Scott Shetler Vegan Athlete

Scott Shetler


Scott is a business owner and strength enthusiast from Duluth, GA. He has a degree in Health and Physical Education, a NSCA certification, and owns Atlanta-based Extreme Performance Training Systems, a private sport performance and personal training center where he trains high-level athletes and motivated fitness enthusiasts. Scott also offers online training and consulting services. Scott has authored seven books and co-authored another three. In 2010, Scott was selected to be the Kettlebell Training Specialist for the TapouT Virtual Training Center (VTC). Scott studies qigong and the internal martial art of Taijiquan, has competed in powerlifting and kettlebell sport, and is currently a member of Team Plantbuilt, a group of vegan athletes who compete in various strength and physique sports to raise awareness for vegan outreach, non-profits, and animal welfare organizations. As an ethical vegan, Scott is a huge supporter of animal rights. He started a project called “Plant-Based Performance.” 100% of the book sales generated by the books he co-authors with other vegan athletes, activists, and health and fitness professionals go to support various animal welfare organizations. Visit Scott on the web by clicking on his photo above! Also visit:

Meet Brittany




Brittany's hometown is Miami, Florida but she's a rising sophomore at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. Brittany has been a vegan for a few months now, but even though she's new to the lifestyle, she's always been interested in healthy living. When Brittany notice that people she knew who had gone vegan just seemed generally happier, she finally went vegan and she's never felt more alive. Becoming vegan has sparked a passion for cooking that she never knew I had. Brittany's goal is to make dishes using as many whole foods, plant-based ingredients as possible, while still tasting delicious. Brittany believes we really are what we eat and we should take the saying literally. We should treat our bodies right with quality food and exercise. Brittany hopes to inspire others who are new to the vegan lifestyle and show them that it can actually be very fun and easy and that it definitely pays off.

Meet Rachel


Rachel Goldberg


Rachel is the founder of Run4Lyfe Nutrition & Fitness. With a Masters in Hospitality Management and a passion for health, fitness, and helping others she is now leads an online health and fitness team of coaches. Rachel is an ISSA Personal certified Trainer, 3 year vegan, marathoner, & bikram yoga lover. She is a South Florida native and has always been an avid runner. During her graduate life, however, she stopped running, and struggled with an emotional eating disorder, depression, stress & became overweight. She was able to pull herself out by completing the 60-day Insanity Challenge and beginning a plant based diet and lifestyle shortly after. Rachel’s vision is to share her story, influence, motivate, and inspire others to make the change to living a healthier life. Rachel is currently on track to compete in her first natural bikini competition.

Meet Matthew

Matthew Washington-Vegan Athlete

Matthew Washington


Matt is a NASM certified personal trainer of 4 years, NASM fitness nutrition specialist, and NASM performance enhancement specialist. He has been vegan for over seven years. He's played hockey his entire life, lifts weights 6 days a week, and is a MMA practitioner. For a period of his life, Matt was very out of shape and extremely unhealthy. He decided to try veganism as a way to manage his weight and improve his health. He discovered that his energy increased, his recovery time decreased, and his mood completely changed for the better. He never looked back! Matt has a passion for promoting health and fitness and is excited to help others on their path to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Meet Kirsten

Kirsten Mitchell of Vegan Fueled Fitness

Kirsten Mitchell


As an animal  lover and fitness junkie Kirsten's passion is to create protein-forward vegan recipes to fuel the athlete in all of us. Kirsten is a 44 year old mother of two who runs, lifts, stretches, and eats!  Becoming vegan has changed her body and her life and she hopes to inspire and show others how to becoming vegan can improve their health and the world.

Meet Carolina

Carolina Quijada

Carolina Quijada


Hi! I’m Carolina, a mother of two beautiful kids, and two amazing dogs, I feel passionate about cooking and that’s what I want to transmit in my dishes.  My studies in Culinary Arts at Le Cordon Blue College, & vegan food specializations, have brought me here today. My commitment is to those of you who want to improve your health without taking the flavor and joy away from food. I love combining different ethnic flavors, especially from my Latin roots. The fusion of classic cuisine techniques with modern ingredients, brings a new way to experience food. My life changed completely when I turned to a plant-based diet due to health issues. After almost 4 years of eating only plants, and being completely healed, my horizon has expanded and now both worlds, plant-based and traditional cuisine, collide in harmony in my dishes.

Meet Sheryn

Plant Theory Miami Vegan Restaurant Owner Sheryn Abalos

Sheryn Delgado Abalos

Vegan Chef Consultant

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Sheryn has been an ethical vegan for 29 years, since the age of 13. She has a long resume full of experience as a vegan chef and has owned several vegan restaurants including her current location, Plant-Theory Botanical Cafe (, located in Miami Beach, FL. Sheryn is a graduate of multiple well-renound academies including the MK Culinary Academy in Los Angeles, CA, International School of Detoxification in Sarasota, FL, the Melt Method in New York, NY, the New York Center of Iridology, and Aromatherapy in Miami, FL She has also done intensives with top doctors in her field including Dr. Gabriel Cousens, Dr. Aris La Tham, Dr. Brian Clement, Dr. David Jubb and David Wolfe. We are fortunate to have her as our top Sexy Fit Vegan consultant!

Meet Anna

Anna Magers vegan

Anna Magers


A 10-year vegan, Anna's specialty in the kitchen is creating extremely healthy recipes that are made with few ingredients. Her recipes are quick, easy, and delicious. Anna's goal is for her recipes to be loved by everyone... not just health-nuts! She's thrilled to share her secrets with Sexy Fit Vegan readers. She is passionate about spreading the idea of "one love for all beings", and hopes her recipes can bring people together to live in harmony with animals and the earth.

Meet Elisa