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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

- Lao Tzu (father of Taoism)

Plant-Empowered Coaching Program

Ditching the Diet Mentality and Kicking Ass in Life with a PLANT-Strong Body, Heart and Mind.


Meet Erin

Woman on a Mission!

I learned very quickly that Anne is a "Type A", get-it-done kind of woman. When it came to her career and her family, Anne was uber-organized and productive. 

But when it came to making the lifestyle changes that would improve her own health and well-being, give her a body she felt proud of, and allow her to eat in a way that matched her ethics, Anne simply wasn't able to find her way... until she signed up for the Plant-Empowered Coaching Program! 

Anne needed a structured process to follow, and a coach who could guide her along the way, making sure her individual needs and desires were taken into consideration. This is exactly what she recieved, and she flourished! 

Go Anne!!!

From "Junk Food Vegan" To Strong, Sexy And Fit

When Amanda first approached me, she needed help and accountability with creating a fitness plan that worked for her hectic schedule. But, what we didn't see at first, was the unhealthy and very concerning meal plan Amanda had been following for years. 

Within just a few weeks of working together, Amanda scrapped her old ways and started gaining the knowledge and expertise to properly eat a vegan diet that kept her feeling great and avoiding the crux of counting calories.

Now you can find Amanda actively enjoying 4-5 strength-building workouts each week, following a delicious and healthy meal plan that has left her strong, sexy and fit!

From Macro-Counting Obsession to Freedom!

Meet Anne

After 30 Years of Struggling, Jamie Finally Found Her Freedom! 

I contacted Ella, the "sexy fit vegan" a while back because I just was not feeling well and was very dissatisfied with my diet and body. I have never been crazy about eating meat and just like Ella, I am a true animal lover. With compassion especially for dogs.

Ella gave me all the tools that I required to help me attain a vegan lifestyle. Her enthusiasm is contageous!

As the program is nearing the end for me, I feel AMAZING and I am loving the lifestyle.

I have taken a new lease on life and feel energized, recharged and I can honestly say that this lifestyle works!

Thank you Ella for not pressuring me and for all of your encouragement, support and understanding of my own schedule. 

I give Ella my highest recommendation as a great accomplished coach to help anyone interested in the vegan lifestyle that truly works.

I am thrilled that I had the great fortune of finding her.

-Judy Jamail-Mady

Meet Judy

Dissatisfied Omnivore Gets a New Lease on Life

Troubled Crossfitter Tackles Her Fears and Finds Her Way

Meet Anna

Create a Relationship with Food You Never Need to Cheat On

Just 3 Days After Joining the Program... 

Empowerment Here She Comes!

Change Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow

The Power of the TRIBE

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On the other side of fear is FREEDOM!

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