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How to Adopt a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle & Start Loving the Skin You're In!

Helping people align their lifestyle with their values, create an empowered mindset, and build a relationship with food they never need to cheat on is what lights our souls on fire!

Ella Magers and the Sexy Fit Vegan® Team


From "Junk Food Vegan" To Strong, Sexy And Fit

When Amanda first approached me, she needed help and accountability with creating a fitness plan that worked for her hectic schedule. But, what we didn't see at first, was the unhealthy and very concerning meal plan Amanda had been following for years. 

Within just a few weeks of working together, Amanda scrapped her old ways and started gaining the knowledge and expertise to properly eat a vegan diet that kept her feeling great and avoiding the crux of counting calories.

Now you can find Amanda actively enjoying 4-5 strength-building workouts each week, following a delicious and healthy meal plan that has left her strong, sexy and fit!


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