With 25 years as an ethical vegan under her belt, Sexy Fit Vegan® founder Ella Magers, MSW is a visionary who has dedicated her life to animal rights advocacy and human empowerment.

Ella is a podcast host, published author, international speaker, and coaching program creator who uses her platforms to educate and inspire people to choose to adopt a healthy vegan lifestyle.

Ella's journey started with an “aha” moment in third grade when she connected the food on her plate to the animal that it was. She never ate meat again. In fact, by the time Ella went vegan at the age of fifteen, her mission in life was clear. She set out to expose the truth about animal agriculture and show people just how incredible a vegan lifestyle can be.

Ella takes a holistic approach to making lifestyle changes. She believes that eating should be an enjoyable way to fuel your body and ignite your taste buds. So many people are stuck in a dieting hell where they obsess over counting calories and macros which often leads to a debilitating cycle of restricting and binging. Truth be told, Ella was one of those people! 




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Ella went through a challenging period in her life when she struggled with disordered eating and a distorted body image. Learning to love herself and develop a healthy relationship with food and fitness was an empowering process that made her plant-strong in body, mind, and spirit. In 2017 Ella "came out" with the details of her journey and refocused her brand.

Ella recognizes that there are so many resources out there for people who simply need a vegan meal plan to follow, or ideas for plant-based recipes. Her brand goes deeper by addressing the sensitive food and body-related issues few people want to talk about. She strives to help people face such challenges and become, as she calls it, plant-empowered!

Beyond her expertise in plant-based nutrition and fitness, Ella has a Masters Degree in Social Work and has a special interest in using her knowledge and skills to empower vegans and vegan organizations with the most efficient and effective strategies to advocate for the rights of animals. Additionally, Ella works to bring leaders in the animal rights and plant-based movements together to increase communication and cooperation in order to spark systemic change.

In her free time you’ll find Ella caring for the animals at Hogs & Kisses Farm Sanctuary in Virginia, practicing Muay Thai and yoga, kayaking in Biscayne Bay in Miami with her rescue chihuahua, and traveling the globe as she plays this game we call life!