As a 23-year ethical vegan, and founder of Sexy Fit Vegan® Ella strives to empower people to build a plant-strong body, heart, and mind for LIFE.  

Ella has been a transformational coach for over 15 years. She is featured in the media as an expert on veganism, wellness, fitness, and empowerment. Ella is a published author and speaker who has conducted workshops across the globe. She earned her Master's Degree in Social Work to further her coaching skills.

Ella set out to bring veganism into the mainstream at a young age. Along the way, she has been named among Shape Magazine’s 50 Hottest Trainers in America. She took first place in the bikini division at the FAME Fitness World Championships, and was named Trainer of the Month on Ella has also been featured as a vegan fitness expert in the mainstream media and has conducted workshops across the globe.

In 2015 Ella’s book, The Six Weeks to Sexy Abs Meal Plan was published. She then developed the Plant-Empowered Coaching Program to empower people with the tools they need to go vegan, develop a healthy relationship with food and their bodies, and feel empowered for life.

Earning her Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology in 2003, Stephanie is a certified Master Health and Wellness Coach who is passionate about helping others reach their potential and live their best lives.

Stephanie has served as an addiction counselor for 15 years, helping incarcerated individuals reintegrate with their families and communities through the new light of sobriety.  She has also served the law enforcement community as a crisis negotiator and trainer, working with local and federal law enforcement.

Having struggled with an eating disorder for years, Stephanie knows the pain and isolation of body hatred and patterns of destructive behaviors. Stephanie found ultimate freedom from self-doubt and the anxiety of counting calories after adopting a vegan lifestyle and completing Ella’s coaching program.  Now, not only an eating disorder survivor but also a plant-empowered thriver, Stephanie is committed to helping others write their new stories of empowerment and freedom through coaching.  

Stephanie loves to travel, write, and feel like a badass after kickboxing workouts.  She makes her home in Kansas City, and can most often be found at her children’s sporting events.

Helping people align their lifestyle with their values, create an empowered mindset, and build a relationship with food they never need to cheat on is what lights our sould on fire!

Ella Magers and the Sexy Fit Vegan® Team


Sexy Fit Vegan® 2018

Ella Magers, MSW

CEO, Sexy Fit Vegan

Stephanie Aguilar, M.S.

Certified Master Health and Wellness Coach

Janelle Rosenfeld is a 55 year old former high level executive with a real passion for wellness and fitness. She's a long-time vegan and hard core Tai Chi practitioner who also incorporates weight training and Bikram Yoga in her regime. For fun, she competes in figure and bikini competitions and has never failed to bring home at least one trophy.  

Janelle helps women find empowerment and balance in their lives. She lives by her belief that by building a healthy relationship with yourself, food, and one's body, anyone can create a fit, vegan lifestyle that brings them health and happiness at ANY age! 

Janelle is married to Monk Yun Rou - a Taoist Monk and Tai Chi master.  They have an 18 year old son who will be attending Yale this fall.

Born and raised in Nebraska, Janelle is a 22-year resident of South Florida and loves the wonderful outdoor adventures she finds in the Sunshine State. Her favorite workout is bicycling in the Everglades at Shark Valley National Park where she commonly shares the bike trail with turtles and alligators.

Janelle Rosenfeld