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From "Junk Food Vegan" To Strong, Sexy And Fit

When Amanda first approached me, she needed help and accountability with creating a fitness plan that worked for her hectic schedule. But, what we didn't see at first, was the unhealthy and very concerning meal plan Amanda had been following for years. 

Within just a few weeks of working together, Amanda scrapped her old ways and started gaining the knowledge and expertise to properly eat a vegan diet that kept her feeling great and avoiding the crux of counting calories.

Now you can find Amanda actively enjoying 4-5 strength-building workouts each week, following a delicious and healthy meal plan that has left her strong, sexy and fit!

Watch Valerie's Inspirational Story of Weight Loss, Macro-Counting Obsession, and How She Finally Broke Free From Her Food Prison

On the Other Side of Fear is FREEDOM!

The most surprising thing is that being healthy was not about willpower as I had always thought. I thought I couldn't trust my body because I was defective or weak. It turns out that when I show myself compassion, understanding, and trust, mindfully reflecting on my desires and actions, the motivation comes naturally. It's not about willpower anymore, it's just what i most WANT to do. Trust in myself has freed me from obsession and anxiety.

-Valerie Kosick

I started with Ella at a point where I had been doing macro counting strict dieting for months. I weighed myself daily, and that was making me hate myself and making me unhappy. I was constantly stressed, doubting myself, and not eating enough whole foods because I was doing whatever it took to fit my macro plan. 

Shortly after starting Ella's program, it was almost like a light bulb went off. Working on myself mentally and physically seemed to make everything slowly fall into place. I feel happier, less stressing, healthier inside and out, and am noticing muscle definition and fat loss. People are coming up to me to tell me how great I look... That I'm glowing!

Ella has been an awesome motivator. I'm loving myself and my body more each day. 

-Erin Wheless

I've had many trainers and coaches and they've always asked for my weight, measurements, pictures to compare my progress, asked me to count macros, etc. Ella didn't ask for any of that. The focus has been on changing my MINDSET, and it has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

Oddly enough, I'm noticing tons of changes in my body as well. Change your mind, and the rest will follow!

-Jamie Silverthorn

"Change Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow"

Woman on a Mission!

I learned very quickly that Anne is a "Type A", get-it-done kind of woman. When it came to her career and her family, Anne was uber-organized and productive. 

But when it came to making the lifestyle changes that would improve her own health and well-being, give her a body she felt proud of, and allow her to eat in a way that matched her ethics, Anne simply wasn't able to find her way... until she signed up for the Plant-Empowered Coaching Program! 

Anne needed a structured process to follow, and a coach who could guide her along the way, making sure her individual needs and desires were taken into consideration. This is exactly what she recieved, and she flourished! 

Go Anne!!!

From "Junk Food Vegan" To Strong, Sexy And Fit

When Amanda first approached me, she needed help and accountability with creating a fitness plan that worked for her hectic schedule. But, what we didn't see at first, was the unhealthy and very concerning meal plan Amanda had been following for years. 

Within just a few weeks of working together, Amanda scrapped her old ways and started gaining the knowledge and expertise to properly eat a vegan diet that kept her feeling great and avoiding the crux of counting calories.

Now you can find Amanda actively enjoying 4-5 strength-building workouts each week, following a delicious and healthy meal plan that has left her strong, sexy and fit!

Meet Anne

From Macro-Counting Obsession to Freedom!

After 30 Years of Struggling, Jamie Finally Found Her Freedom!

Just 3 Days After Joining the Program... 

Empowerment Here She Comes!

The Power of the TRIBE


 I'm surprised and thrilled at how much I’ve been able to change my habits during the course of the Plant-Empowered Coaching Program. I can hardly believe that I don’t even have the intense, uncontrollable cravings I used to fight every day anymore. 

Ella worked with me a lot on my mindset and how to gain control of my thoughts and feelings which were holding me back before. She taught me how to create new thoughts which in turn allowed me to change how I was acting.

Also, having someone else hold me accountable as I progressed toward being 100% vegan was really helpful. It was like I had a second line of defense my thoughts had to pass through before I acted on them. 

I’m looking forward to continuing on my new path. Although I know I still have work to do, I feel I have everything I need to handle issues as they arise.
I am going to share something a little personal... 

The first breakthrough I had during my time in Ella's coaching program was when I was really upset with my husband about being late and we had a fight. This triggered some major, "Fuck it all" feelings which immediately put me into binge mode.Right before I went upstairs to study I started toward the kitchen for something to binge on. 

As I was walking I caught myself, stopped in my tracks, and took a breath. For the first time, I was able to acknowledge what was happening and create new thoughts that allowed me to turn around and go upstairs to study. I'm so happy that I did because the next day, I felt more positive and on track than ever, and that was just the beginning! 

I'm so thankful I decided to work with Ella. I highly recommend her program for anyone struggling with similar issues. 

I contacted Ella, the "sexy fit vegan" a while back because I just was not feeling well and was very dissatisfied with my diet and body. I have never been crazy about eating meat and just like Ella, I am a true animal lover. With compassion especially for dogs.

Ella gave me all the tools that I required to help me attain a vegan lifestyle. Her enthusiasm is contageous!

As the program is nearing the end for me, I feel AMAZING and I am loving the lifestyle.

I have taken a new lease on life and feel energized, recharged and I can honestly say that this lifestyle works!

Thank you Ella for not pressuring me and for all of your encouragement, support and understanding of my own schedule. 

I give Ella my highest recommendation as a great accomplished coach to help anyone interested in the vegan lifestyle that truly works.

I am thrilled that I had the great fortune of finding her.

-Judy Jamail-Mady

Dissatisfied Omnivore Gets a New Lease on Life

Troubled Crossfitter Tackles Her Fears and Finds Her Way...

I began the Plant-Empowered Coaching Program simply thinking that I needed guidance on becoming a vegan.  What I gained was a complete life-shift!  

I learned who I am at my core and what has been holding me back in my life.  I learned how to process my emotions in a loving and kind way.  I learned how amazing I am just by simply being who I am.  I learned how to be more conscious and aware of my life and how to enjoy the small moments just as much as I enjoy the big ones.

Ella has thoughtfully designed this program to work expansively- perfectly working on each area of a person’s life to give them the confidence to be authentic.  I found that, with each module and each new challenge, it was backed-up with tools to help me process, understand and reconcile my emotions and actions. 

This program has positively changed my life.   I feel confident, free and abundant. I am forever grateful to Ella and Stephanie, the Lead Coach in the program, for helping me remember who I am and get my life back! 

- J. Roturra, Environmental Educator

Find Your FREEDOM Thanks to the Tools & Coaching We Provide in Our Powerful Programs!

Why I do what I do!


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A Story of Courage:

How Jamie Went on to Unlock Her Power & Manifest Her Dreams!

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there lived a fair maiden who longed for her prince to whisk her away from her circumstance and help her to live happily ever after.

OK, so “once upon a time” is really about four years ago, “a faraway land” is New jersey, “a fair maiden” is (yep, you guessed it, ME) and I never really longed for a prince to whisk me away, per se… but I did wish to live happily ever after.

I was in the depression of my life.

“Quarter-Life Crisis” hit me in the middle of getting used to being a single mom of a baby, moving across the country, having no job and living on government money, and being extremely overweight and unhealthy.  There is probably a few more details I am skipping, but you get the gist.  I was desolate, confused, hopeless and I felt like it would never change...

Read the Rest of This Inspirational Story Here!

From Crisis to Calm

How Dawn Finally Gained Control Over Her Eating Habits and Gained the Energy She Needed for BIGGER & BETTER THINGS in Her Life!

Just 1 Month Into the Program, this Incredible Client is Saying "I'm So Blessed!"

Fast Forward 1 Month...

This amazing client came to us in crisis-mode. She was completely overwhelmed with life circumstances that had depleted her energy and stifled her spirit. 

She followed the process and took advantage of the extensive coaching and support and dug her way out of the hole and into a place of self-love and light. Woot woot!

EVERYTHING about the program has been positive. From Ella's upbeat, positive energy, to Stephanie's calming words of wisdom. 

I am NOT the same person I was when I entered the program. I had been struggling for a very long time. I feel at ease, I feel stronger than I ever have, and I also feel empowered knowing that I will be able to handle whatever comes my way. 

I wouldn't change one thing about the program. It far exceeded what I ever had expected! 

- J.J.

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As Mirna Wraps Up with the Program She Exclaims, "I Feel Like a New Person!"

You're Not Alone!

"I learned a lot in psychotherapy... but something was missing..." Hear What This Incredible Client Discovered...

You Don't Know What You Don't Know!

The Secrets Behind Jill's Remarkable Transformation

Not Even Half-Way Through, this Remarkable Client is Encouraging the Newbies, Saying, "Yes! You Can Do This!"

Ending the Self-Sabotage Once & For All...

By Trusting in the Process, This Client Healed Deep Wounds from Past Trauma, Regained Her Health, Found Her Power, & Shed Body Fat as a Side Effect! 

              When I started this program my major focus was working on my emotions. I did not fully understand what eating intuitively meant. Six months later, I've noticed that food is not the main thing on my mind.

If for some reason I want to eat unhealthy vegan food, ie: non-diary ice cream, I have it. In the past I could eat a pint of ice cream in one sitting. I purchased a pint of ice cream two weeks ago and still have some in my freezer. I eat when I'm hungry and I do not eat after 7 pm.

I made a promise that I would not weigh myself, unfortunately I took ill and when I went to the doctors they weighed me. Much to my surprise I lost 25+ lbs.

I feel like a new person, when I go food shopping I read the labels, I make sure I'm making good choices, I'm eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water and all of this just happened, I did not have to think about it.

So if you are struggling with food, stick to taking care of your emotions first. At first it was hard for me to fully understand, but it works, it really does.

Ella, how awesome is it that you have created a program that really sets us up to become a better person, that allows us to be comfortable in our own skin, and allows us to work on our emotional struggles while supporting and encouraging us every step of the way.

I am amazed, thankful and grateful to you and Stephanie. I just followed the plan and everything else has fallen into place. From the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU! I made it and I have arrived!! YaY!!! 

Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

Clearing the Clutter

Learn What is Possible When You Kick Your Victim Identity to the Curb & Step Into Your Power...

The Value of Transformation...

How Jill Ditched Her Restrictive Lifestyle & Limiting Beliefs and Gained a Life of Joy & Freedom  

How Lindsay Got Off the Scale, Stepped Into Her Power, & Discovered True Happiness

3 Weeks After Enrolling in the Program, Jill is Making POWERFUL Shifts That Will Change Her Life and Body FOREVER!

Jaime's Huge Leap of Faith & How It Put Her on the Path to Freedom & Abundance

Overcoming fears & limiting beliefs is tough, but what's waiting for you on the other side is Invaluable!

"Weight Loss as a Side Effect" of the Sexy Fit Vegan "No-Plan Plan"!

A Few Months into the Program and this Awesome Client is Amazed that Weight is Falling Off Without Her Even Trying!

Ditching the Money Taboo: How to Invite Abundance Into Your Life...

In this clip from a Plant-Empowered Coaching Program group call, I talk about how I went from a life of scarcity to a life filled with abundance, joy, and freedom. You can too! It's all a matter of mindset.

This Client Declares, "I'm Looking Forward to Getting Up in the Morning Again!" Thanks to the Program

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