Master Intuitive Eating, Build a PLANT-Strong Body & Lead an Empowered Life... 


Is your answer to any of these questions "Yes"?
If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, you're in the right place!
Hi! I'm Ella Magers, and I've been where you are. 
My story may resonate with you. Since young adulthood, I was consumed with achieving and maintaining a strong, lean body... After all, I was working in the fitness industry and my body was my main source of advertising. And besides, I had been vegan since the age of 15, so I had to prove to my countless gym-going skeptics that my vegan diet was an asset for building a fit body, not a detriment.

Behind closed doors however, I struggled with a skewed body image and disordered eating. I was measuring portions and counting macros. I was restricting, which led to bingin. I thought about food all day every day. It was exhausting!

I want to show you how you can do the same. 
You can take advantage of my work, and save months or years of time on your path to physical and emotional health.
Do I have to already be vegan to join this program?
No! This program is for anyone who is at least motivated to move in the direction of a vegan lifestyle. 


Frequently Asked Questions


 I'm surprised and thrilled at how much I’ve been able to change my habits during the course of the Plant-Empowered Coaching Program. I can hardly believe that I don’t even have the intense, uncontrollable cravings I used to fight every day anymore. 

Ella worked with me a lot on my mindset and how to gain control of my thoughts and feelings which were holding me back before. She taught me how to create new thoughts which in turn allowed me to change how I was acting.

Also, having someone else hold me accountable as I progressed toward being 100% vegan was really helpful. It was like I had a second line of defense my thoughts had to pass through before I acted on them. 

I’m looking forward to continuing on my new path. Although I know I still have work to do, I feel I have everything I need to handle issues as they arise.






How much does the program cost?
The investment for the program depends on the level of coaching you need. I insist on having a one-on-one strategy session with each and every person who is interested in working with me so that we can explore, in depth, your individual challenges and assess your specific needs. 

During our call I can also give you all the details on exactly what the program entails and make sure all your questions are answered. We can then discuss the different options and have a conversation about which one works best for you.
How much of the program is focused on transitioning to a vegan lifestyle vs. dealing with disordered eating?
We work on both. Becoming an emotionally fit vegan involves both understanding plant-based nutrition AND learning how to eat intuitively and enjoy the lifestyle. The knowledge part is the easier of the two, so we spend more energy practicing the latter, but both objectives are best accomplished together.

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• Are you sick and tired of "dieting"?
• Has counting macros or calories been ingrained as a must-do? 
• Do you fear losing muscle &/or gaining body fat with a vegan diet?
• Are you caught in an all-consuming cycle of binging & restricting? 
• Do you obsess over calories and portion sizes? 
• Do you workout "extra hard" or do extra cardio to burn guilty calories?
• Do you dread social events that involve food?
• Do you wish that eating could be enjoyable instead of stressful?
Enough was Enough
At one point, after a bad break-up, I decided to see if I could get down below 100 pounds "for fun." Achieving this disturbing goal was the final straw. Friends and family were worried and I was physically and emotionally exhausted. Using Thai Boxing as an outlet for emotional pain, I embarked on a journey to change the relationship I had with my body and with food. 
Empowerment Through Intuitive Eating
I soon realized that my obsession with eating a "perfect" vegan diet, keeping up with a hard-core workout routine, and maintaining a "perfect" body, caused me more pain then joy. This "aha" moment prompted me to focus on gaining the tools I needed to learn how to eat intuitively, exercise joyfully, and have a healthy relationship with my body. 

I went back to school and got my Master's Degree in Social Work, knowing that if I was to truly help people find sustainable health and happiness, I needed to become an expert at coaching people through their mental and emotional hurdles. 

Now, through this Plant-Empowered Coaching Program, I'm able to guide people through the process of gaining the knowledge and tools they need to create a balanced vegan lifestyle that brings both health, and most importantly, JOY...

What You Will Get Out of This Coaching Program...
You will complete this series knowing exactly what you need to do to eat intuitively as a vegan, exercise for enjoyment, and have a healthy relationship with your body.

PLUS you’ll have the internal resources to actually implement this plan. Now you can learn to claim your own unique strengths with a step-by-step system that makes you a magnet for positive outcomes.
• How to start living consciously according to your values, goals, and vision of success.
• Self-coaching techniques that will serve you on-going for the rest of your life.
• How to fuel your body with plants to enhance your energy and performance.
• How to exercise in a way that will serve you now AND in the future.
• How to break free of the binging/restricting cycle.
• How to create a healthy social life and build meaningful relationships.
• The information you need to have a complete understanding of plant-based nutrition.
• Techniques for improving your body image and learning to accept and love yourself.
• How to balance your macros intuitively WITHOUT counting them.
• Resources to continue to help you on your journey following the program.
• How to fill your plate with a combination of plant foods that will both satisfy you and keep you healthy from the inside out.
You'll Discover...
Imagine if you could...
• Eat intuitively as a vegan without fearing losing muscle or gaining weight?
• Quit worrying about calories and counting macros.
• Feel confident you're meeting your nutritional needs without obsessing.
• Break free from the exhausting cycle of binging & restricting? 
• Find eating enjoyable and be able to go out to eat without stressing.

• Workout for sheer enjoyment.

YES Ella, I want to talk to you about joining the
Plant-Empowered Coaching Program!
Let's Do This!

I call it bringing out your inner bad ass and feeling sexy from the inside out!

Simply Apply for a Free Strategy Session with Me to Discuss Your Needs and Answer All Your Questions!
The Process for Starting is Quick and Easy...
Take It From My Clients!
I am going to share something a little personal... 

The first breakthrough I had during my time in Ella's coaching program was when I was really upset with my husband about being late and we had a fight. This triggered some major, "Fuck it all" feelings which immediately put me into binge mode.Right before I went upstairs to study I started toward the kitchen for something to binge on. 

As I was walking I caught myself, stopped in my tracks, and took a breath. For the first time, I was able to acknowledge what was happening and create new thoughts that allowed me to turn around and go upstairs to study. I'm so happy that I did because the next day, I felt more positive and on track than ever, and that was just the beginning! 

I'm so thankful I decided to work with Ella. I highly recommend her program for anyone struggling with similar issues. 
Ella’s Coaching Program finally gave me the approach I had needed for years to balance my health, energy and weight. The program helped me learn how to eat and train according what I ultimately wanted in life... to be truly happy without harming animals or myself! 

I can't tell you how happy I am to be on this new sustainable path that will keep me healthy and allow me to actually enjoy eating!

Ella is a wonderful coach that is there for you to keep you motivated, inspired. She makes herself available to answer any question that you have. 

The knowledge that you acquire in this program is very valuable and applicable for the rest of your life. I recommend 100% this program; I am very satisfied with the results.
This sounds wonderful Ella, but I've seen lots of programs helping people go vegan and get fit. What makes yours so different?

Great question! There are a ton of great resources and passionate coaches offering a variety of programs. The problem is that most are stuck in a "diet mentality" in that they assume that if they give you enough information and the "right" plan to follow, you will get the results you want. For most people, this logic simply does NOT work long term.

Most other programs provide strict rules that force you into unsustainable practices like macro-counting that ultimately set you up to fail. When we use these rules to make our food choices we are losing touch with our own innate ability to listen to our bodies for clues about hunger and what food will meet our needs. We set ourselves up for developing an unhealthy relationship with food and our bodies.

Instead, I take an intuitive eating approach to helping people adopt a way of eating that's in line with their needs, values, and vision of success. I help people get truly in tune with their bodies and learn how to make food choices that make them feel good from the inside out. In other words, become PLANT-Empowered!




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